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"The mandala is a microcosm within itself, a tiny representation of the universe where myriads points unite and oppose each other to achieve a harmony of peaceful unity." - Peter Patrick Barreda

Mandalas are usually circular symbols that represent the universe. They are old meditation and de-stressing tools.

Not only drawing them (in my case), but also colouring them.

Colouring is a fun and creative activity that have many benefits to the mind.

Studies show that drawing, colouring and other creative and expressive activities (such as music, dancing, cooking, writing, etc.) can promote:

- self-awareness

- emotional well-being

- healing

- self-esteem

Furthermore, it has been shown that these activities can be a good coping mechanism for some types of mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

Colouring brings you to the present moment, to the task that you are doing, so it is a very mindful activity, it calms the mind.

Looking for a new and simple way to relax after a hard, tiring day?

Give colouring these mandalas a try! Get them, print them and start colouring. There is no right colours, no right way to do it. Just go with the flow and unleash your creativity! You will see that any final product will look great and in the end you will feel less stressed, less anxious, with a calm mind.

  • Format: .png (image with no background)
  • 8 different bundles
  • 10 mandalas per bundle
  • From £2,5

"The mandala is a map for spiritual transformation." - Tsultrim Allione

Share a picture of your coloured mandala on social media with the hashtag #whollycommunity so we can all see it and get inspired by you!


These Mandala designs are for Personal Use ONLY.

They are not for commercial use.

  • You'll get one (or more) .zip file(s) with the mandala designs in .png format.

  • You'll get one (or more) .zip file(s) with the mandala designs in .png format.
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Mandalas to Print and Colour

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