Pranayama and Meditation - Mindful Breathing

Wholly Joana
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Welcome to this Pranayama and Meditation - Mindful Breathing session!

Pranayama and Dhyana are two of the eight limbs of Classic Yoga (Raja Yoga).

Pranayama is characterised by breathing techniques that, in addition to improving the oxygenation of our body, soothes and stabilises the mind and can serve as a preparation for practicing Dhyana, which is meditation.

The benefits of these practices are physical and mental, including:

  • decreased stress, anxiety and tiredness;

  • decrease in blood pressure;

  • increased ability to concentrate and self-esteem;

  • help in cases of insomnia;

  • strengthens the immune system.

In this class you will learn how to do some pranayamas and we will finish with some minutes of a guided meditation, where you will practice to be present in the moment, where you will practice mindfulness.

Join me in this class for these mindfulness practices!

"Yoga brings you to the present moment, the only place where life exists." - Patanjali

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You'll have temporary access to a couple of videos (about 45 and 5 min each) and a PDF file.

About 45 min

Pranayama and Meditation - Mindful Breathing

0 ratings