Zero Waste Gifts - For a Sustainable Christmas

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Zero Waste Gifts - For a Sustainable Christmas

Wholly Joana
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Hello and welcome to this class on Zero Waste Gifts.

Christmas has become a time of excessive consumerism, of excessive and often unnecessary expenses.

In this class I will talk a little bit about the waste we produce with our lifestyle and which worsens during the festivities, and also I will share with you many ideas of sustainable gifts and wrapping, without (or with little) waste.

Change starts in each one of us, with small, big gestures that transform our lives and can sensitise and inspire others to change as well, like the domino effect.

Join me in this class to take another step towards a more sustainable and wholesome lifestyle.


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You'll get temporary access to two videos (about 26 min and 2 min) and a PDF file.

About 28 min
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